AMG Lab Commander OLED Shot Timer

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New Updated AMG Commander with OLED Screen

Compact and Ergonomic with clear and informative Display. Fits comfortably into your hand to ensure reliable one handed use. Key shot information is displayed on an industry leading display. No more struggling to quickly read your time. 

This efficient timer works hard and smart to maximize battery life. Commander uses standard AAA size batteries. Adjustable beep volume so that it can be loud enough to pierce through double hearing protection or make it soft and quiet so when you dry fire you won't wake up whole house. 

Easy to use presets so you can switch quickly between different predefined shot detection parameters. You no longer need to have two timers per squad or dig into menus just to change the sensitivity and beep volume, do it once and simply call that preset when needed.

Bluetooth link with PractiScore

Record time at matches with free integration in PractiScore app

and analyze match results with PractiScore Competitor app or

keep log of your practice with PractiScore Log app.

  • PractiScore Log app connects with the Commander over Bluetooth and saves all your practice runs.
  • Record time for every shot
  • -Analyze and compare multiple runs side by side
  • Shows time charts for selected runs
  • Shows stats for your practice sessions
  • Annotate/tag recorded data and filter by selected tags
  • Export data to Excel/CSV for archiving and additional processing


  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Clear and informative display with largest time digits
  • Uses any off-shelf batteries
  • Up to 17 days of continuous match use on a single set of regular batteries. Even if they are close to depletion, you still have enough time to comfortably finish your match
  • Simple, straight forward, intuitive interface with only 3 navigation buttons, one hand operation
  • Loud beep: 105dB, 1.5kHz for those who have trouble hearing high frequency tones
  • Adjustable beep volume
  • Digitally adjustable sensitivity, you can pick up anything, 9mm, .22 cal, AR, Shotgun, PCC, CO2, hammer fall, striker fall, suppressed, you name it, it will hear anything
  • Instant or Delayed start
  • Multiple Par times
  • Presets
  • Durable design
  • 3 strings memory
  • Ability to display 3 strings simultaneously to compare shots
  • Auto Power off


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