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TE-Titan has since 2011 been market leaders within 3D printed products for weapons.
We have moved the boundaries for performance and weight by selecting 3D metal printing as production method.


TE-titan Salen Compensator has quickly acquired the reputation of being the best compensator in the market within dynamic sports shooting IPSC.

The reasons are the low weight, the high recoil reduction, the extreme durability and not least the reduction of horizontal and vertical motions.

TE-Titan Open Compensator is a must for all Open shooters: The Compensator gives a unique reduction of recoil, which allows for a much faster follow up shoots. The Open Compensator is also very efficient on larger caliber weapons.

The 2 holes are in the front chamber of the compensator and can be enlarged /drilled up in order to reduce all horizontal and verti­cal movement. The individual user can calibrate the compensator to the shooter’s spesific wepon, ammunition and use.

All our products are developed and produced in Norway.


TE-Titan Compensator comes both in Standard and Open.


      Open  compensator:

  • Weight 85g.
  • Total length: 100mm.
  • Build length 85mm. 

      Standard compensator:

  • Weight 65g.
  • Total length: 90mm.
  • Build length 75mm. 

All Compensatorn comes in 1/2-28 Thread. I you like another thread on your compensator please contact us.

Note, the first 50-100 shots it will be a large amount of "flames" going out the ports and comp. This is normal and will get less and less during time.

Tetitan-Open, Black, .223 1/2-28

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