Dryfiremag For Sig Sauer P320

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The DryFireMag for the Sig Sauer P320 will allow you to practice your dry fire technique without having to remove your support hand to cycle the slide of your pistol.  Trigger weight is adaptable to your trigger and will be approximately 1/2 lb heavier than your trigger weight.  

  • Note: DryFireMag is not compatible with firing pin activated laser cartridges.


  • No More Racking the Slide to Reset the Trigger
  • Practice Double Taps
  • Builds Proper Muscle Memory
  • Provides Audible & Tactile Trigger Simulation
  • Does Not Use Pistol’s Firing Pin
  • Pays for Itself in Ammo Savings
  • Practice Safely in Your Own Home

Compatible Firearms:


  • P320
  • P320C
  • P320Carry
  • P320F
  • P320RX
  • P320RXP
  • P320X series
  • P320X5 Legion
  • P320 AXG Pro
  • P320WCG
  • C320
  • M17, and M18

Not compatible with 10mm or .45acp models

Trainers agree that dry fire practice is the best way to learn to shoot well. It makes the pistol a part of you. However, there is a real problem with dry fire practicing the standard way, and we all know what it is. When the trigger is activated and the firing pin is released, a completely non-typical action is then required. The shooter’s hand must be used to reset the firing pin by cycling the slide. Only then can the trigger return to its reset position. Can you stay on target while this is happening? Is this the muscle memory that you want to build? Absolutely not!

This problem is solved with our DryFireMag. Now, with the DryFireMag, when you activate your trigger, you get the feel and sound of the firing pin release. With both hands still in the firing position and staying on target, you simply let the DryFireMag reset the trigger with a snap, and you are ready for your next “shot”. Now, that’s the kind of action you need to build the correct muscle memory! It has to be second nature when that real-life situation presents itself.

Here’s another way to use your DryFireMag. When you go to the range, slip your DryFireMag into your pistol and “warm-up” with a few minutes of dry fire practice. Take your DryFireMag out of your pistol, insert your loaded magazine and continue now with live practice.

If at any time during your practice, you experience a problem with your accuracy, simply replace your loaded mag with your DryFireMag and (after a chamber check) practice for a while without any live fire recoil or report. Change back and forth from live fire to dry fire with great ease! Remember, always practice safe gun practices! Always know the state of your weapon.


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