Woox Furiosa Chassi

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The WOOX Furiosa stock is a groundbreaking high-performance aftermarket replacement for major manufacturer’s OEM and clones rifle stocks. This high-tech hybrid stock combines wood sections over a full-length aerospace grade aluminum skeleton sub-chassis, giving it the “feel” of a wood stock with the strength and stability of a metal stock. The proven improvements in both accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency proves the Furiosa to be a critical upgrade for serious hunters and shooters.

The Furiosa chassis is manufactured from the highest quality components, materials, and techniques in the world. The superb quality of this chassis immediately sets it apart from the glut of cookie-cutter stocks on the market.


  • Installation: Drop-in. Does not require pillars or extra bedding. No gunsmithing required.
  • Grip: Ambidextrous
  • Chassis: AA 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum, hard anodized.
  • Stocks: American walnut
  • LOP: 13.5” - 15” adjustable (spacers also included)
  • OAL: 31”
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Max Floating Barrel: 1.17”



 • Magazine DM – Detachable Short Action AICS Pattern Magazines

 • Action Short Action

 • Bottom Metal Hawkins Precision Short Action M5 Detachable Box Magazine Bottom Metal

 • Supported Barrel Mountain / Magnum / Varmint / Standard • Others? chat with us!

 • Calibers Accepted .223 Rem / .243 Winchester / .260 Remington / 6.5mm Creedmoor / 7mm-08 Remington / .308 Winchester / .338 Federal / .358 Winchester/ 6.5 PRC /

Others Notes • Our Chassis with the Remington 700 Inlet in their prospective Short or Long action configurations fit all Remington 700 actions and clones including but not limited to the following: Bergara B-14, Kelby Actions, Big Horn Arms, Defiance, Bat Machine, Impact Precision, GA Precision,  Curtis, Defiance Machine, Stiller Tac30/Tac300, Bighorn TL2-3, Lonepeak Arms, Impact,Surgeon.

 • Left Handed now available! The points for adjusting the LOP and the COMB can be set up to be ambidextrous. You can switch the adjustments to the side you prefer, either Left or right. However, the take down button to detach the stock and can not be changed. It can only be employed on the left side due to the construction of the grip.

RUGER 10/22

 • Magazine Ruger 10/22 magazines and clones compatible with the factory model

 • Action Ruger 10/22 Action and clones compatible with the factory model. We do not accommodate the Bergara BXR or the KIDD actions with a tang.

 • Bottom Metal No

 • Bolt release configurations No

 • Supported Barrel Straight / Pencil / Match • Others? chat with us!

 •  Calibers Accepted .22LR


 • Magazine Factory DM - Detachable

 • Action ShortAction

 • Bottom Metal DBM • Our Savage stocks are inlet for Savage Factory DBM Bottom metal. 

 • Bolt Release Configurations • Bottom Bolt Release • Top Bolt  • Release Supported Barrel Sporter / Medium Contour / Heavy Varmint Heavy • Others? chat with us!

 • Calibers Accepted .223 Rem / .243 Win / .260 Rem / 6.5mm Creedmoor / 7mm-08 Remington / .308 Winchester / .338 Federal / .358 Winchester / 6.5 PRC / Others

 Notes • Our handles and rear stocks are ambidextrous, but the bolt leverage window is only on the right. 


 • Magazine DM – T3 Detachable Magazine (single stacked)

 • Bottom Metal T3 bottom metal (not T3x CTR bottom metal)

 • Supported Barrel Standard / Semi-Heavy / Varmint • Others? chat with us!

 • Calibers Accepted .223 Rem / .243 Win / .260 Rem / 6.5mm Creedmoor / 6.5PRC / 30-06 Sprg / .308 Win / 300 WSM / .270 Win / 300 Win Mag 

Others Notes • Due to the variations in after-market products, WOOX cannot guarantee that clones, custom or over-sized parts will be 100% compatible. For any doubts, please contact us or chat with us. • Our handles and rear stocks are ambidextrous, but the bolt leverage window is only on the right. 

Woox Furiosa Chassi

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