Unrivaled Technologies AR-15 Muzzle Brake

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For .223/5.56 caliber guns with standard 1/2″-28 threads.

  • The highest performing muzzle brake available
  • Extremely efficient baffle design to eliminate rear recoil
  • Tunable muzzle rise compensation
  • 3.3″ Overall length
  • Adds ~2.75″ Length to barrel (after thread overlap)
  • 4.4oz

A unique two-piece design that outperforms the competition. The product of nearly two years of research and development by champion shooters Kyle Litzie and Zack Smith  to get the most effective rifle muzzle brake. 

The baffle design drastically reduces the rear recoil impulse of the gun while the expansion chamber and high/low pressure ports allow the end user to tune muzzle direction movement.

The expansion chamber adds dwell time to the gas system for more reliable function, similar to the Russian AK-74 muzzle brake. The result is the fastest and flattest shooting experience possible.

The ability to tune out muzzle climb by directing just the right amount of gas in the right direction is a substantial advantage for the shooter. Not having to “muscle” your gun back on target is faster, more consistent, and frees up your body and mind to solve other shooting related tasks. 

There are many variables that affect muzzle climb: shape of the gun stock, barrel length, gas system, recoil springs, ammunition selection, left/right handed, shooter size, shooter stance, ect. Each brake has five high pressure ports at 45 degree intervals along with three low pressure ports for fine tuning. 

Ports can be open, partially closed with aperture plugs, or completely plugged. This provides a combination to give every shooter and gun the best recoil solution.

Included with each muzzle brake: I

  • Installation and tuning instructions
  • Gas port plugs and partial aperture plugs,
  • Hex wrench for the plugs.

*We recommend using a shim kit for timing although good results have been observed with crush washers and jam nuts.

AR-15 Muzzle Brake – Black (UB-556)

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