Taran Tactical +10 Ultralight Base Pad Glock 9mm 30/31/33Rd Mag

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The base pad does add a slight amount of extra weight to the magazine which helps the empty mag drop free easier for faster reloads. The GLOCK base pad, just like all of our base pads, is designed to give you the edge over your adversaries. We use our patented push pin design to lock the base pad to the magazine, which makes for easy field stripping and cleaning your magazines between stages.

Just push down the pin, slide the base pad on and push the pin up to lock the base pad onto the magazine. Our one piece design is great because there are no extra parts or tools needed to attach the base pad to your magazine. The base pad itself is machined out of billet aluminum and is hard anodized to ensure durable long lasting color.

  • The +10 Base Pad comes with a +10% stronger spring
  • Patented proven push pin design
  • Slimmer profile for weight reduction
  • Easily attaches and detaches from the magazine body
  • Toolless design
  • The added weight helps the magazine drop free easily for faster reloads
  • CNC machined from billet aluminum
  • Hard anodized

The pin set screws are set with Loctite at the specific tension we recommend, and will generally never need an adjustment. Tightening the base pad screw is not recommended and may be difficult because the screw is set with Loctite; trying to force the set screw to turn could result in stripping the screw. 

  • Not compatible with GLOCK 19 magazines
  • Remove the OEM polymer retaining insert before installation

Taran Tactical Innovations Glock 9mm +10 Lightweight PCC Base Pad for Glock 9mm 30, 31, and 33 round magazine bodies.

These mag extensions are ideal for pistol caliber carbines that take Glock magazines. Our +10 Lightweight Base Pad bumps the capacity up from 30, 31, and 33 to 40, 41, and 43 rounds for PCC Division.


These Base Pads are Blemish meaning this item does have cosmetic dings/scratches/finish imperfections

Taran Tactical Base Pad Glock 30/31/33-Purple

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