Holosun EPS Carry

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The super compact and closed reflex sight (507K footprint) with red reticle is characterized by its 2MOA red dot, the closed container design and the flat height. Rear sight and front sight can still be used as backup sights. It is excellent for small pistols, the toughest conditions, dirt and weather.

The super compact and closed reflex sight with the Holosun 507K footprint! All our reflex sights are high-quality military-grade optics at an unbeatable price - without compromise. They allow quick sighting with both eyes open and are therefore suitable for hunters, sports shooters, authorities and airsoft players. All EPS / EPS Carry models also feature an intelligent shake awake function for an extraordinary battery lifetime, are parallax-free and have 12 different brightness settings (4 night, 8 day) for manual brightness adjustment in different lighting conditions. The front lense is, due to design, slightly tilted. This is intentionally and absolutely correct. Our reflex sights can also be used in combination with laser aiming devices, night vision equipment and night vision goggles. Our sights can be used in combination with laser sights, night vision devices and night vision goggles.

  • Battery BATT-CR1620
  • Protection class IP X8
  • Housing Color schwarz
  • Material Aluminium
  • Small size with enormous toughness. Perfect for hunting, sport shooting and airsoft. Premium sights of military standard to an unbeatable value for money.
  • Suitable for slim line pistols such as Glock 43 MOS or Hellcat but also full size pistols with the appropriate adapters.
  • Efficient energy supply with battery operation for inadequate lighting conditions.
  • An intelligent shake awake function for an extraordinary battery lifetime.
  • Very low height. Existing rear sights and front sights can be used as backup sights.
  • Size: 24x41x27 mm
  • Material: aluminium
  • Housing Color: black
  • Weight: 28 g
  • Protection Class: IP X8

Holosun EPS Carry

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