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Flex Holster Insert Block
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The DAA Flex Holster is an evolution of the Alpha-X Holster. It’s aluminum chassis borrows heavily from its predecessor , although it does boast some useful upgrades. 

However the big improvement can be found in the all new, Flex Insert Block Assembly. This new design allows the user to custom fit their holster to perfectly match their particular pistol. Allowing adjustments for variances between gun models, types or generations. No more fitment issues! Now you can quickly and easily adjust for a perfect fit every time!

And – rather than offering almost 50 models of Alpha-X insert blocks – we can support all those gun types (and many more) with just two models of adjustable Flex insert blocks. The A-Type and the B-Type.

The Flex holster is made from fully CNC machined aluminum for rigidity and durability. It’s designed to be used on 1.5” wide competition belts. The new hanger design includes a detachable belt hanger which enables the user to detach the lower part of the holster from the belt, while retaining all positional settings – by removing just as single screw. This is extremely useful when traveling. 

A new upgrade feature, unique to the Flex holster, is the tilt options incorporated in the hanger assembly. This additional adjustment axis, allows you to position the lower half of the hanger either vertically (as in the Alpha-X) or tilted forward or backwards in incremental steps. This enables the user to adjust the contact point that the thigh pad (which is included as standard in the Flex holster) make with the body. Adjusting for maximum comfort, depending on your body type and where you mount your holster on the belt.

The Flex's ball joint and rail height adjustment are taken directly from the Alpha-X holster’s proven and tested design. The large 18mm ball joint with M6 clamping screw enable a full range of tilt and cant adjustability and a rock solid lockup. The easy access from the front makes it possible to setup and adjust the holster while on the body.

The dove-tail rail machined into the side of the holster body, offers a large range of height adjustment with a single screw lock/release.

At the heart of the DAA Flex holster is the new, innovative, Pat Pending Flex insert block.

This insert design allows each user to adjust and fine-tune his insert block to perfectly fit his particular pistol. Not only does this allow us to support almost all gun types with just two models of inserts (Type-A and Type-B), but it enable users to adjust for the small variances that are often introduced by the gun manufacturers, who don’t consider the external dimensions of the trigger guard to be critical. This has always been an issue for the Alpha-X inserts, and this problem is now solved with the new Flex insert design.

Now, using the adjustable slide-lock teeth, the selection of side spacers and Shims, and possibly the front spacer, each shooter can achieve a perfect fit to his or her pistol.

The Flex Insert Block Assembly features an aluminum slide-lock mounted with user adjustable slide-lock teeth. Magnetic engagement, as in the latest generation of Alpha-X inserts. The new stainless-steel safely level is wider and flatter than that found in the Alpha-X blocks, and is mounted on the right side of the block, the outside of the holster for all RH shooters.  This makes it more accessible and easier to activate.

The new injection molding production process, and rail mounted magnetic support wedge, ensure the slide lock is more stable and moves more consistently than ever.

Do I need the A-type or B-type insert block assembly?

To determine which insert to order, Check the Flex PIstol Compability Table.



DAA Flex Holster

attachment Flex Fit Compatibility Table

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