CoolFire Laser Attachment

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The laser emitter is vibration activated and emits its short pulse of light just as the hammer drops, and before the gun lifts in recoil. Allowing you to see on a reflective target where you sights were lined up at the moment of the shot.

Or, when using an invisible Infra-Red laser option, the dot is not visible to the eye, but it can be picked up by various target systems and training simulators to identify the point of impact.

These laser modules are adjustable for windage and elevation to make sure they are lined up with  your pistols actual sights.

They screw on directly to your Coolfire barrel, over the charge point. This does mean you need to remove them for each charge. A quick release ½” thread at the front of the barrel makes this quick and easy to do.

CoolFire Laser Attachment

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