5.0" AGW Color Coded Premium Recoil Springs

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Spring Weight
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Atlas Gunworks 5" Spring Compatibility:

  • Erebus
  • Titan
  • Nemesis 
  • Artemis
  • 5" Bull Barrel Guns

Limited 9mm (Minor PF): Replace every 10k rounds*

Limited 40SW (Major PF): Replace every 8k rounds*

Open 9mm/38SC (Major PF): Replace every 5k rounds*

*OR if they loose more than .5lb of pressure, (your spring that used to be 8lb is now 7.5lb), whichever comes first!

We recommend testing every new spring prior to installation to record exact spring weight/pressure. Spring weights will vary to a degree and it’s always good to have extras on hand.

It is critical with every recoil change to check the new spring to ensure there is not coil bind.

5.0" AGW Color Coded Premium Recoil Springs-13lb

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