DAA PrimeVibe Primer Tube Filler

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The DAA PRIMEVIBE Primer Tube Filler is a vibratory bowl primer tube solution designed to accommodate both Large and Small primers from all brands. With its advanced Controller-Unit, you have the flexibility to precisely adjust the vibration frequency of the bowl to optimize primer feeding specifically for your brand of primer, ensuring consistent and reliable performance every time.

This device provides a dependable and efficient method for filling your primer tubes, eliminating the laborious and time-consuming task of manually orienting primers using a flip tray and then picking them one by one into your primer tube.

By utilizing the DAA PRIMEVIBE Primer Tube Filler, you can focus on loading your ammunition while the device automatically orients your primers and fills the next tube for you. By the time you've finished loading your current primer tube, the next tube is already filled and ready to be transferred to your reloading press.

Key features of the DAA PRIMEVIBE Primer Tube Filler include:

Custom Controller Unit:

The DAA PRIMEVIBE Primer Tube Filler features a Custom Controller Unit that empowers you to fine-tune the frequency range between 60.0-99.9 Hz, offering both fine and coarse adjustment options (simply push in the frequency knob to toggle between fine and coarse adjustments). Discovering the optimal setting within this range ensures consistent primer movement and reliable feeding. Additionally, the Controller Unit allows you to set the run time of the device, ranging from 30 seconds to 4 minutes, or opt for continuous mode, which operates for up to 3 hours. This continuous mode is particularly useful for those interested in experimenting with a DIY direct feed to their press.

Toolless, Quick Removal Safety Shield:

The DAA PRIMEVIBE is equipped with a bayonet-type connector for its Safety Shield, ensuring quick and toolless removal. While it's recommended to always keep the shield in place while feeding primers, it can be effortlessly removed with a simple turn counter-clockwise and lifted up. No need for tools or bolts—just a quick on and quick off mechanism for added convenience.

Very Low Noise Level:

Operating almost completely silently, the DAA PRIMEVIBE boasts an impressively low noise level. In fact, the loudest noise typically arises from the movement of the primers themselves. When the bowl is empty, you may need to touch it to confirm that it's running. This silent operation is achieved through the use of a DC electro-magnet and relatively thin activation springs, ensuring minimal noise during operation.

Four(!) Ejection Windows on the Ramp:

Considerable effort has been invested in refining the geometry and precise dimensions of our bowl's feed ramp and ejection windows to optimize performance for both Large and Small primers. After extensive tweaking and adjustments, we are confident in stating that encountering an upside-down primer is an exceedingly rare occurrence. When the primer movement is correctly set (avoiding excessive bouncing with incorrect frequency), you can anticipate encountering fewer than 1 upside-down primer per 1,000 primers processed. The implementation of four ejection windows further diminishes the likelihood of inverted primers passing through.

Height-Adjustable Exit-Hole Cover:

The height-adjustable cover over the exit hole plays a crucial role in preventing primers from turning sideways as they enter the hole. By slightly adjusting the height through tightening or loosening the screw that secures the swivel cover, you can tailor it to best accommodate your specific brand of primers.

Precision CNC-Machined Aluminum Exit Hole:

The exit hole plugs, color-coded (blue for Large, red for Small primers), are meticulously CNC-machined and reamed to a tolerance of ±0.01mm. This precision ensures a consistent and trouble-free flow of primers down into the primer tube.

Both Large and Small Primer Conversion Kits Included:

The DAA PRIMEVIBE comes equipped with all the necessary components to handle both Large and Small primers, offering versatility and convenience right out of the box.

Large and Small Primer Tubes Included:

The unit includes two primer tubes already fitted with magnet collars for attachment to the PRIMEVIBE. These collars have been carefully factory adjusted to ensure correct positioning and are ready for immediate use.

Your PRIMEVIBE includes:

  • Fully Assembled PrimeVibe Unit
  • 12v Power Supply, Dual-voltage, with two sets of prongs (US 110v and EU 220v)
  • PrimeVibe Controller Unit 
  • One Large and one Small DAA Primer Tubes, assembled with Magnetic Collars
  • Output hole Small/Large conversion kit parts 
  • Allen Keys, 2.0mm and 2.5mm
  • Instruction Manual

PrimeVibe Primer Tube Filler

attachment Manual

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